Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday HIV! We don't wish you any more!!

Today marks 30 years since they discovered HIV, which stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is sexually transmitted (mostly), or from sharing needles with someone who is HIV positive as well as from mothers to children in their womb.

Sex. That's the biggest way of contracting the disease. Unprotected sex. Yet this virus is 100% preventable. If we follow 1 of 3 simple steps: literally as easy as ABC- Abstain, Be faithful and/or Condomise.

Everyone knows about HIV and that it kills, but not everyone believes it can happen to them. That's the biggest problem we face- not availability of condoms; no one believes they can be 'that' person. So they go around living their lives with a certain air of arrogance and ignorance until its too late.

We need to be vigilant, people! We need to wake up and smell this strong brewed coffee- HIV doesn't know ugly, beauty, smart, dumb, rich or poor! But it knows and thrives on selfish, inconsiderate, forgetfulness, 'in the heat of the moment' and careless.

I've lost 3 close relatives to this virus. 2 of them died in my bed. I've seen cousins become orphans because of this silent killer. I've seen economies fail because of this thief.

We can't say 'God is punishing us', its totally on us.

For those who fall prey to this because of rape, were cheated on or born with it- I send my deepest apologies to you and I am truly sorry because you weren't given a choice. But you can live, and live fully, abundantly. It may not be curable but it is manageable.

For those who are negative- don't think too highly of yourself. It can be you.
If you are cheating on your other, please do the right thing and leave that person alone- don't drag them down with you- let them have a chance with someone deserving. Because HIV, like misery- loves company.

I'd like for us to bury HIV and celebrate the day it dies. Let's go!!!
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