Sunday, February 21, 2016

10 Signs He Loves You... In Song

I haven't written for you in a while, but I have been writing around the block, specifically at She Leads Africa! Check out my posts here and here. I wrote an article about Beyonce . Take a peek!

I am busy packing for my move back to my old hood.. My packing song is BIG's Back to Cali, lol! I found something I wrote in 2006 called 10 Signs He Loves You, so I figured I would share a bit of my corny side as it is Valentines month.

I was pretty insightful for a  19 year old and if I had taken my own advice I may have avoided some major catastrophes!

1) He listens to you and tries to help you find a solution. {Babyface: You were there}

2) There is an undeniable flow in the relationship, you can see it and others around you as  well.  
{ Destiny's Child: Brown eyes}

I'll throw in the bonus track of Bonnie and Clyde Part 2, to bring it to the future.

3) You don't have to compromise who you are, he makes you feel good about you. {Jamali: Love me for me}

4) You trust him completely because you know he wants the best for you. {Keisha Cole: Love}

5) He supports you in your professional,personally and spiritually, there is nothing he won't do for you. {Joe: All the things}

6) He would be your friend even if he wasn't your man. {Brandy: Best friend}

Ps: I now think men should stay in the friendzone forever.

7) Through his words and actions he shows you that you are different from other woman in his life. {Maxwell: Fortunate}

8) Both of you share common ground and are willing to grow together. {Tamia: Still}

9) You become part of his world, life and interests. { KO ft Nandi Mngoma}

10) He sacrifices for you and considers that a privilege. {Jaheim: Anything}

Most of the songs are old, but remember this is from 2006, I really cheated with number 9 though since its a 2015 song!

What are the new songs that you would choose for the signs? Any other signs we need to add to the list?

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