Friday, October 14, 2011

The week in words

Hope in God, but exert yourself! {Russian proverb}

This was one of those pivotal weeks in my life. It was a week of introspection and reflection.*deep pause*

 My current favourite author Paulo Coelho speaks about how we determine time and I chewed on the  bone of life and let it digest;
  • First; I hoped again. Not hoping on a specific situation or result, but I am hoping in the goodness of God.
  • Secondly, I am letting people love me. I think I am emotionally inept.. Yes I know its an unkind thing to say about myself but I dont respond well to affection, etc. I lost almost everything by the hand of someone I loved at a young age, therefore I view people and their intentions very warily.
  • Thirdly, I discovered that the slower you move, the easier it is to form the dots that will be connected one day. I didnt do as well as I planned to in certain aspect of my career and this has lead to all the above.
Sometimes life just slams the brakes so you can observe the scenery and really think about where you are going.

Right now I have a thirst to find something that CONSUMES me!  I want to be in a line of work where thats all that is on my mind, where I am thoroughly involved and sleep is abandoned. Where my mind is constantly unsettled and I look at my life and just love what I am doing.

I am glad to be asking these questions and although I dont have an answer as yet, I am excited because it means as long as I keep consciously moving- I will reach my my object (not destination) and run with it.. Slowly..

In the words of Steve Jobs; Stay hungry, Stay foolish!!!

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