Sunday, April 17, 2011

The writing is on the wall..

The other day I put up my graphic illustration and feel free to write what it looks like, there is no wrong answer! (Don't you just wish that applied to maths?????)
Being single in Sandton for the last 7 months- it seems to be the story of this city.

  • Boy meets girl. 
  • Exchange of BBM pins. (phone numbers will get you nowhere)
  • Day 2 of BBM'ing--> boy wants to see girl again. 
  • Day 5 > a date is set up.
  • Day  7 > there is a date/ meeting/ visit. 
  • The end or some sinister continuation.

Maybe I've had awful experiences (could have something to do with the fact I meet them in the club), if you have had anything different: share it!
Its not even all times that you get to day 7 (if you respect your swag), if he is honest he will tell you he is seeing someone but he likes you enough to kiss you, but he is committed. "So what can we do?" *bbm grinning face icon*. Alternatively you will be told  that you can't expect to find a man his age being single, so he hopes you don't mind his girlfriend. Or they will just be plain weird!

Now, my issue is::
Women!! We have spoilt these men!! From which angle would someone approach you like that?? Its because he has tried and tested it before-- and guess what?? It worked!!
A standard has been set, that certain women don't mind playing the supporting actress role! Now though; its my movie and I play the lead roles! I call the shots 'cut', 'pause', 're-take'.I don't follow your cue cards and misdirection!
Women of Johannesburg, let's take ownership and stop playing the cameo roles! Can I get a 'Yuuup'??
I find it disrespectful for someone to make that kind of proposition to me; Tiyani Majoko. To be his 'makhwapheni'.. That literally means to be the girl in his armpit!!
*pointing at myself* "ME? "
*looking around*
"no ooo "*wagging finger and shaking my head*
Let's dissect that for a minute- you are the girl in the armpit; that's because the main girl is on his arm! There is no space for you in front- so you must be kept hidden, under wraps, in the armpit. Waiting in the 'wings'.

How many people know men who shave their armpit?. I mean men by gender- not by sex. A man's bushy armpit is one of the nastiest places I can think of. And he wants to put you there.
You aren't a piece of sand and his armpit isn't an oyster-you won't turn into a pearl under there!!
Its only a few 'makhwapheni's' that make it to the status of the Mrs,to slide out from the armpit, who manage to boot out the girl on the arm, classic example Alicia Keyes. She is every makhwapheni's role model!

        She was clearly more than a girl that's a friend!

Bottom line: We need to have a new picture for the scene out there.
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  1. so true! the dating life is hard never know what they really want from you

  2. Maybe these experiences happened so you could meet your dream guy on Twitter :-)


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