Sunday, April 17, 2011

Speaking to my spirit

I don't even know where to begin! This feels like something so delicious; so creamy and sweet, but in the right proportions. You are so tempted to pull it out of your mouth to see what exactly it is hitting the 'sweet spot'. And with things like this, its usually the only one, or the last piece you got from someone- who also got it from somewhere.. And you are ready to dedicate all your time to find this thing again!

Let me start with the ladies! I hope and pray everyone of you has ladies!!

Ladies, that know you; the true you- who may curse like sailor or who know that you can't eat your food without a drink, or aren't surprised when you whip out a mirror at the table while we are eating! The ladies that pray you through, hug you through, cry you through, jog with you, fast with you---->>> ladies that LOVE YOU!!

Thank you Jesus, I have these ladies!! Today, we had our day, from talks of waiting for Mr Right, Wonder Bra's and happy boobs, work displeasure, funemployment, parking bays, food, dream matte mousse by Revlon, Uncle Fauzi (this is a Lebanese restaurant in Pretoria- they make the best wings and burgers :) *twice in one day*.... nothing was off limits!

I felt complete. I was churched. I was mothered, smothered, sistered, grandmothered! I was like a fire fly!! Just beaming.

The Bible says 'the one who has loved has seen the face of God!' I love and l am loved-- it really felt like heaven just opened up and poured down on me.. ♥

I've met a guy that speaks to my soul, but these ladies- speak to my spirit! And so deeply.. They carry me in their spirit and I carry them in mine!!.. ♥ ♥ .. Love looks great on me ☺[Miguel is right - love can Adorn you]
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