Sunday, March 11, 2012

Whitney Elizabeth Houston: A Life Used Up

                                                    Angel from God's choir

After watching the elaborate event that was the funeral of the woman who provided the theme song hundreds of love stories worldwide; one theme reigned supreme: Love.

The love that Whitney's fans had for her.
The love that Whitney had for her fans.
The love that Whitney had for music.
The greatest love of all; the love that Whitney had for the Lord!

When we think of Whitney, we see her life as being one of struggle with abuse. The abuse of drugs, alcohol and emotional turmoil. Her bodyguard, Ray Watson, was extremely correct when he said that " we need  show the people in the entertainment industry some love. We need to treat them dignity and respect."

We need to remember that a celebrity can be defined as humans that are celebrated; common factor being human beings. We all make very unwise decisions but fortunately for us "unsung heroes" or "undiscovered talent", we are not on a world stage under a white hot light for all to see. I don't even want anyone to discuss my issues in earshot of another person, how much more on every possible website and since these days everything sounds in dollars, the truth is very economical because its bland.

I always questioned how a woman who claimed to love the Lord could go off so far and ultimately fall off the cliff. I wondered what Jesus thought of her; the gift she possessed was undoubtedly divine, but the way she treated it so carelessly and almost selfishly was painstaking for those who loved her and I wondered how the giver of the gift felt!

But Tyler Perry led me to an answer, in the book of Romans it talks about "what can separate us from the love of God" and frankly- absolutely nothing can!!!! not SIN, not death, not struggles, not her addictions, nothing separated her from the love of God!!
So who are we, myself included, to ask any questions about Whitney and her faith. How dare we try to separate her from the love of God?

Watching the funeral of Whitney, I realised that just like her life, Jesus was the Lord of the day.
The last speaker Pastor Winans spoke about priorities and got into an entire sermon that I know made the entire Hollywood community squirm.. and I wondered why he chose that sermon rather than preach about the life of Whitney and how she will be welcomed in heaven. I was reminded that God is not the God of the dead; but the God of the living.

Whitney is now dead, but her life was totally used by God from the minute she sang the song "Tomorrow" on her first album to the last song she sang which was NOT coincidentally  "Jesus loves me".
We knew that Whitney loved the Lord, that she made a mess of her life, but I refuse to accept that her life was messed up. Hers was a life used up by God to achieve his purpose, because before God created a person, He had a purpose! Her life had a purpose from the beginning to the moment her gold casket was hoisted on the shoulders of the pall bearers.

Whitney loved the Lord and the Lord loved Whitney!

Let the people say "AMEN"!

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