Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chill bites: My winter to do list!

It seems that a blog is not a blog without a list of some sort! Without further ado, here I go:

1. Study for my board exams that will be written on the 26th and 27th of July. Its not enough to just     have a degree that I slaved for over 4 years, I still have board exams to write to get a qualification I dont really feel I need, but at least I can call myself an attorney, and drop the candidate.

2. Fix up my car! My green hornet needs serious touch ups. It will do good for me to fix it now before summer rain comes. The list of problems it has are endless and this is to my untrained woman eye, it may cost a small fortune but safety first! I am always grateful that i am not paying  monthly instalments for it; thanks Dad.

3. Go and watch a 3D movie! *hides under desk* Yes, i have not seen a 3D movie yet. Im thinking  Thor; this weekend and ill go alone :).

4. Manage my money well so I can go whale watching in Cape Town after my boards as well as spend time with my mentor Mrs Carol Bouwer at her production house. Refer to post " funding the fabulousity".

5. Do something cultured. Maybe theatre, attend a seminar or expo. These Bhawa ranger tendencies {in one of the languages we speak in Zimbabwe we call a bar/club/pub a "bhawa". Get the word play with Power Ranger??? lol } must reduce. My Taiwanese friend says I need to do something that adds value to my life.. any suggestions?

6. Decorate!!!! I recently got my couch and now I need to get some pretty things to make it warm and inviting. I found the some very pretty red cushions and now i'm missing a soft, fluffly red fleece for the late night tv watching days with a cup of hot chocolate and baked goods. I love bedroom linen, so indulge myself and get a duvet filled with some sort of feathers ans Egyptian cotton pillow cases! Have to start somewhere.
A full length mirror is non negotiable. before i break my neck climbing on the tub to look in  bathroom one.

7. Cook a well planned meal for myself. Once a week. In heels.

8. Take a break from being a pleasure manager. Yes, it is an actual title and ill let you use your imagination as to what this means I do. Well for one- it means I have to be Bhawa ranger, the two are inextricably linked. In any case, you dont meet nice boys under that guise.
Im ready to meet a nice boy- I think,  but im willing to wait for the nicest boy to join me for the baked good and hot chocolate.

9.  Be purposeful and maintain an attitude of praise in all that I will face.  Love God and Love people.

10. Overcome my very rational dislike ( i dont like to use the word fear) of driving to court!! I hate going to that place- its smack in the middle of town; the crowds, little parking and constant road works make it a nightmare. I am even willing to forfeit the money I can claim for petrol and opt to carpool! Doing my bit for the enviroment!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Big slices;thats how you cut the cake #fabulosity *Happy birthday tribute to Kimora Lee*

 Today, I was greatly (momentarily) offended.. I am apparently ghetto. I was called "Brooklyn", by the "Upper east siders".

Initially I thought, "Girl, you need to tone it down" and almost burst out laughing, when I realised, I am ghetto to the core!! Even in my thoughts.

And what is ghetto? Is it being poor? Is it being too black? I think its being real; unharnessed, or some would say "poor upbringing, or lack of manners". Yet whose manners? I am respectful in my culture, but because i laugh from my belly and use my entire body to express myself, I am "unfinished"?

I guess because of this, I am the odd kid in the pack, so out of place and improper. I caught myself being sad, and thinking "If only I could be like so and so, she is part of the 'in crowd'- black and proper", then I thought of Kimora.

If there is a runway worth talking of, she has walked on it. She has lived the life that many girls- "proper and improper" have dreamt of. How many thirteen year olds model, for Chanel? At a point she was Karl Lagerfeld's muse, I mean if you want to go on about her accolades, I can do it all day, everyday(I dont mind).
I (religiously) watch her show "Life in the fab lane", and this is a ghetto Queen, with her own kingdom and, boy, she does reign supreme. She does not apologise for who she is, she lives her life unedited, she is real, blessed and fabulous- above all.

In that moment, the thought of Kimora- brought me to the realisation, that they I am a ghetto Princess and I am building my own dynasty- so If people find me "Crass and tactless"- its alright! Im stunting like my Momma.

With that, lets wish Kimora a Happy, Fab Birthday; she has really opened a lot of doors and led the way for many black, mixed or just plain ghetto future Kings and Queens. May the Lord bless her with more years and strength to keep encouraging and inspiring us.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Funding the fabulosity

This post is outdated, its 10 days too late . I hope it can still salvage the few cents left in peoples accounts. This 10 day holiday break, has left many broke.

When I looked at my receipts from the weekend after pay day- I had gone through a small fortune. Really quickly. Fact about me- i love to shop but i hate to spend money, typical catch 22.

I decided to share some tips to try help us misers pinch the pennies in this insane economy. The ever rising petrol price inevitably means the joke is on us- no laughing to the bank, but crying in the supermarket.,

1. When eating out at a restaurant, i learnt from a friend, avoid buying a drink! It is twice the supermarket price and half the time; (well for me) it is left unfinished. Get water-tap water with a twist of lemon.

2. Carry your own shopping bag! Yes, it is a granny tendency- but the few cents every day- make dollers and rands! Make sense of the cents.

3. Check the receipt before leaving the shop, because the till operators are human too.It does seem a little anal, or petty, but its your money.
  •  With "sale" and "special" items- make sure you see the right price- countless times i have picked up something and done a mental receipt, but at the till the price is a few hundred rands apart!,so always be sure!!
4. If like me, you are bad with shopping lists and everything in the shop just magically finds its way in your trolley. Usually I find a spot in the shop and have the "who is going to Vegas/ Sun City " little audition and the losers obviously remain in the shop. When i get to the till, I do it again  (thats where the chocolates and fizzy drinks say "ta-ta").

What other tips do you guys have to share?

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