Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No shocks

Be worried if the car you drive you drive has no shocks!!! Especially with the rain we getting these days and the pot holes or craters its causing....unless you have a bum like Kim Kad-ass who probably wont feel the impact!!!

Anyway- be glad because the God you serve is never shocked. Nothing surprises Him (He knew at creation I would talk about Kim Kad-ass in the same sentence as Him-so chill.

Like please grasp this: NOTHING surprises/ shocks/ baffles Him!! I think that's beyond amazing!! Whether good or bad- He knows! I know we (I) would like an advance on this info, especially the bad news bit!! Kinda like so you can clench your butt cheeks before you hit a big pothole! (That's too real- sorry!)

He knows about the dumb stuff you have up your sleeve, ready to spring your stupidity (your own plan) on the world!! Every body else will be shocked but He wont.. and He'll  even have a bail out plan..

Really my true secret to contentment is knowing i can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, because He knows everything so how dare I not depend on Him?????

All our insurers promise that they are ready for anything. They are anticipating an exception, but God sees beginning from end and Hes cradling you life and situations..

Sigh and wriggle your toes!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Welcome, Welcome

I have arrived!
Not only on this blog (yes; new year's resolution kept), but also where I imagined I'd be- without the 42" LED TV, or driver's license *to be discussed* or 8 kgs lighter- BUT here in the sense of I am alive in 2011. I am working my dream job (for now), in the place I always wanted to be- right in the thick of things- all things glittering and bought on credit : Sandton aka Sandtin.... Let's do this!

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