Thursday, March 31, 2011

The silly moments..

People say its the little moments, that make life.. I agree but the silly moments also make up the enjoyment!!

At work, after lunch (mind you this is Sandton- the poshest city in Southern Africa).. This what I was doing with my colleagues.. And I'm the youngest in my team, plus it wasn't my idea..

Bottom line- just enjoy it all- get your kicks where you can :)

Oh- we pressed our faces against the photocopy machine.

Try it!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

I am not in love, but I am open to persuasion...

This is the opening line of one of my favourite songs by Joanna Armtrading (she sang the original Weakness in me)..

Its an adequate description of my disposition these days.. I'm not in love- with another person but I am in love with something.. Feeling so light and airy at the idea of being in love with love- or recreating the feelings I did feel when I loved another person..

My question is, why do we have to wait for another person? Why do we wait, for another person to arouse the feelings and deep passions within us?

These days, I've been more open, passionate and vulnerable than I've been in a relationship. Why do wait for another person to reveal to you what your own love tastes like? When its a flavour you carry? Why wait for someone else to release you.. To yourself?

I've listened to Adele's new album, my old Westlife tracks, Micheal Buble, Etta James.. There is no relationship that I've been in where I decided to tune into me.. And discover the flavour of my fancy..
And like the ladies in Coloured Girls said at the end.. 'My love is too Magic' to have it thrown back in face', My love is too sensual to have thrown back in my face, my love is too aromatic to have thrown back in my face, my love is too satisfying to have thrown back in my face...

As a single person, I'm glad to be experiencing this now.. Its like eating something while blind folded-you just have to make out all the flavours relying on your palate. If your palate is not cleansed then you won't be able to identify and enjoy what its in your mouth.. What's meant to satisfy you.. The same applies here, if you don't know what you like or don't, what makes you pop you would find yourself accepting what is given to you.

Don't see being single as a curse- its an opportunity to cleanse yourself of the bad and discovering all the varieties of you.. Knowing what mixes with you and what extra's you don't need.

What I suggest you do is wear the outfit that makes you feel like the only girl in the world, put on the songs you are embarassed to let people hear you listen to and let your love flow through you..
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AnnaLikes: A dozen Rainbows please

AnnaLikes: A dozen Rainbows please: "If you're a regular visitor on my blog then you've probably realized my super-Likes for tangible rainbows, (see 'Marshmallow Fondants, Rainb..."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Something insightful

I got this from Paulo Coelho's blog:

Poor people are a like bonsai tree, a little tree.
You pick the seed of the tallest tree in the forest and take the best seed out of it, and plant it in a flower pot. You get a tiny little tree, we call it a bonsai.
Nothing wrong with the seed, you've got the best seed possible.
Nothing wrong with the tree, because you actually picked the tallest tree in the forest.
But actually it grows this far… why? Because we put them in the flower pot. The base.
We need to change the base"

How profound is that?

I've decided I will buy his book, The Alchemist for myself. I need to add value to my own life.

Currently reading 'Manual of the Warrior of Light'

What are you reading fam?
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The lights must go on round

This weekend I took a 14 hour long (one way) bus ride to witness a friends wedding! I mean an old friend; a good friend-Contrary to my parents beliefs! {Contra parents mores- I think I may have coined a new Latin term}
We were neighbours and I was the awkward, chubby girl with no males prospect or advances. He was popular, cool and friendly. But he befriended me, with my oversized bag, long skirt and floppy hat! He took me under his wing and introduced me to the world as I know it!. At that point my mother sent me to boarding school.. L☺L *cue slamming sound of prison doors*
My aunt recently confessed that they sent my to boarding school to get me away from this guy- I'm grateful for my boarding school experiences and lessons (mom's do know the best). Although I learnt a lot during the holidays too.I learnt about the other side of the church school walls!!
I learnt about cannabis- the high and the lows (no pun intended), alcohol and sex, from a real world point of view.  Basically drunkenness and manners don't co exist!! [Drake: I learnt Hennesy and enemies is one hell of a mixture]

Above all I learnt about what I want for my future. I decided I don't want to be with someone who jerks me around, decided I wanna make something of myself: Something out of this world  I made my mind up that I didn't want to be one of the girls that got 'slaughtered'' (long story).  I sit here thinking about all those days.. I'd go over to his place and watch TV when we didn't have DSTV (like cable), go and wait for the boy I had a crush on *RIP Drew*, or go and wait for the other boy I had a crush on *lips are sealed*.

It was a home away from home.

God bless them and their marriage..

In the picture attached find the groom and I..

This guys name is Gangster Boogie. * He lives up to every part of that *

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My pink paw

Totally random!! But this is my pink paw
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At last...

That's exactly what I feel like right now! At last *like Etta in the movie Cadillac Records' I am able to blog from my phone! I feel like I've seen that belt that ties an outfit together and now.. Sigh..#bliss.

Some other 'at lasts':

1.               I'm getting my tooth sorted out! I have serious dental problems! *side note- don't be so quick to pucker up with strangers, u have no idea what's behind the cherry chapstick*
I began the first step to my root canal, which although I am on medical aid, I am paying a cash fortune for!! This does not fall within the scope and ambit of 'basic dentistry' as far as Discovery Health is concerned! This means poor people have to walk around with pus in their gums* yes I said pus*, because the medical council doesn't a think root canal is a worthy of being a prescribed minimum benefit! A root canal is for the mouth what radiation therapy is for cancer! I'm going to write my article to the council and post it!
2.               At last; I went on an all-expenses paid trip! Well dad paid the expenses. Got to fly business class- but if it's a 45 minute flight, I don't see the point! Chilling in the lounge was the best part for me. Free and somewhat good appetisers, better than the 'food' on the flight. I am going to fly business class just to chill in the lounge- unlimited internet access, its quiet and everybody in there knows how to behave! I liked it.
3.               At last; I actually enjoyed law school! I criminal law. I just don't think I'd have the stomach to practice it- unless it was just a principle matter for me. If I thought of the merits of the case- I may never sleep again. In the meantime I'm going to sit in the front row, ask questions and live vicariously through our lecturer's experience.

4.               At last; well it hasn't happened yet. I must learn – "must" must not be overused!

I think is enough for tonight!

Oh yes~ 1 more huge 1:

I woke up to work out. Say it with me 'At last'

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