Tuesday, March 15, 2011

At last...

That's exactly what I feel like right now! At last *like Etta in the movie Cadillac Records' I am able to blog from my phone! I feel like I've seen that belt that ties an outfit together and now.. Sigh..#bliss.

Some other 'at lasts':

1.               I'm getting my tooth sorted out! I have serious dental problems! *side note- don't be so quick to pucker up with strangers, u have no idea what's behind the cherry chapstick*
I began the first step to my root canal, which although I am on medical aid, I am paying a cash fortune for!! This does not fall within the scope and ambit of 'basic dentistry' as far as Discovery Health is concerned! This means poor people have to walk around with pus in their gums* yes I said pus*, because the medical council doesn't a think root canal is a worthy of being a prescribed minimum benefit! A root canal is for the mouth what radiation therapy is for cancer! I'm going to write my article to the council and post it!
2.               At last; I went on an all-expenses paid trip! Well dad paid the expenses. Got to fly business class- but if it's a 45 minute flight, I don't see the point! Chilling in the lounge was the best part for me. Free and somewhat good appetisers, better than the 'food' on the flight. I am going to fly business class just to chill in the lounge- unlimited internet access, its quiet and everybody in there knows how to behave! I liked it.
3.               At last; I actually enjoyed law school! I criminal law. I just don't think I'd have the stomach to practice it- unless it was just a principle matter for me. If I thought of the merits of the case- I may never sleep again. In the meantime I'm going to sit in the front row, ask questions and live vicariously through our lecturer's experience.

4.               At last; well it hasn't happened yet. I must learn – "must" must not be overused!

I think is enough for tonight!

Oh yes~ 1 more huge 1:

I woke up to work out. Say it with me 'At last'

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