Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Great 28!

Its official, I am in my late 20's! 

And it is awesome! It feels like a stake in the ground, like I AM  here.I am fully present and bodied.. cue Beyonce song.. or not!

I am one of those people who takes my birthday over the top and I celebrate the entire month. It me and Jesus' birthday month- I will take gifts on behalf of us both! I am His proxy on earth, for gifts only- He does crucifixion  everything else....

I take this song literally

This isn't a long post because that one is percolating. It will land before New Years Eve. I am blessed to be loved by my friends and family who called from every continent! I am fortunate to have all 3 of you reading this blog! 

The Great 28 dance

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