Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lost without you.... Blackberry addict's ode to lost Blackberry

Dear B,

I dont even know how to begin this...

Listened to Carter 4, so im sure this pic makes sense with that in mind
(Brilliant album, worth the wait)

Sitting alone in total silence. All alone. In silence.
A sound or feeling I am no longer accustomed to and honestly in this first 48 hours since I lost my Blackberry( it’s not a phone, it’s a Blackberry) among other things ,its sunk in just how needy I’ve become.
As much as we claim that we now, more than ever very self reliant and that we can do just fine all alone and human emotions can be fully described by 20 emoticons (I don’t know how to download more than the standard ones).  Today, I realized otherwise.
The Blackberry revolution in my view has opened both sides of the can, you are getting out what you need but there’s a lot of crap you don’t need that will inevitably be a waste.  The convenience of a Smartphone is unparalleled.  You have access to everything but we need to filter what we let on to screens; for instance some applications are total rubbish. There’s a certain android that has an animal app, you can say something and it repeats out in a donkey, chipmunk, or whatever (except a dinosaur *very sad face*) voice you like. Imagine that, having a giraffe parrot you. How totally ridiculous is that, and the worst thing I grown folk have entire zoo’s on their phones alongside CNN/ BBC instant updates applications. * BBM can’t watch face*.
As much as all my 60 contacts are all alive and fine; I have not spoken to most of them since yesterday. I doubt a little over a handful of them will enquire as to how or when I fell of the BBM radar even when they see my quirky and usually attention seeking statuses are missing. As I point one finger at them and surely the rest are pointing back at me; the greatest effort I’ll make to “reach out” is to alert my 700 Face book friends in a half hearted status that my Blackberry and I have been separated by circumstances beyond our control and after failed attempts to be rejoined we have accepted our fate is be apart.
Smartphone’s have somewhat lessened the value of, or cheapened human relationships. Cheapened can be seem in a good light- like mercury bulbs- it’s much easier to get in touch with people now  as they can be on your BBM, What’s App or whatever app. Phone numbers have to some point become redundant; I mean why do you need to call someone when all they can ever be is basically:
Whatever is emoticon missing, fill in the gaps and end with aJ!
Also note, the “Haa haa/ Hee hee” variation goes a long way.
If you are really longing to hear their voice, a 59 second voice note will do the trick and this can actually be turned into a full on discussion. Now, who needs phone numbers? *BBM not interested face*.
I’ve read a certain male blog where a writer proudly stated he has “de thonged women in under 20 texts”, well in the age of BBM where texting is only to parents, grandparents and work colleagues or people living in middle eastern countries and Zimbabwe- I’m sure he could “de thong” them 60 seconds flat.
 In the social scene, a phone number and no BBM pin is like wearing sweat pants on any other day than what the ‘It’ girls decide. Yes, I liked Mean Girls….a lot. It’s all about the Pin! So that you can get a Ping. There is no BBM emoticon for *losing my mind*.
The story of how my phone got stolen/ lost is neither here nor there, but I’ll let you know it involves a guy in a pink shirt, some very drunk Zimbabweans and a place in Rosebank; SHUSH!!! I say this just to make it sound cooler than it really was, but I’ll leave it like this.
This is day one and i'll keep you guys posted on how the Crackberry withdrawal symptoms sub side.
Any tips on what I can do? I am getting another one as soon as the Torch 9810 hits the shelves, I’ll be on it like the white on rice. What do I do in the meantime? *BBM confused face*

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