Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Something insightful

I got this from Paulo Coelho's blog:

Poor people are a like bonsai tree, a little tree.
You pick the seed of the tallest tree in the forest and take the best seed out of it, and plant it in a flower pot. You get a tiny little tree, we call it a bonsai.
Nothing wrong with the seed, you've got the best seed possible.
Nothing wrong with the tree, because you actually picked the tallest tree in the forest.
But actually it grows this far… why? Because we put them in the flower pot. The base.
We need to change the base"

How profound is that?

I've decided I will buy his book, The Alchemist for myself. I need to add value to my own life.

Currently reading 'Manual of the Warrior of Light'

What are you reading fam?
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