Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Big slices;thats how you cut the cake #fabulosity *Happy birthday tribute to Kimora Lee*

 Today, I was greatly (momentarily) offended.. I am apparently ghetto. I was called "Brooklyn", by the "Upper east siders".

Initially I thought, "Girl, you need to tone it down" and almost burst out laughing, when I realised, I am ghetto to the core!! Even in my thoughts.

And what is ghetto? Is it being poor? Is it being too black? I think its being real; unharnessed, or some would say "poor upbringing, or lack of manners". Yet whose manners? I am respectful in my culture, but because i laugh from my belly and use my entire body to express myself, I am "unfinished"?

I guess because of this, I am the odd kid in the pack, so out of place and improper. I caught myself being sad, and thinking "If only I could be like so and so, she is part of the 'in crowd'- black and proper", then I thought of Kimora.

If there is a runway worth talking of, she has walked on it. She has lived the life that many girls- "proper and improper" have dreamt of. How many thirteen year olds model, for Chanel? At a point she was Karl Lagerfeld's muse, I mean if you want to go on about her accolades, I can do it all day, everyday(I dont mind).
I (religiously) watch her show "Life in the fab lane", and this is a ghetto Queen, with her own kingdom and, boy, she does reign supreme. She does not apologise for who she is, she lives her life unedited, she is real, blessed and fabulous- above all.

In that moment, the thought of Kimora- brought me to the realisation, that they I am a ghetto Princess and I am building my own dynasty- so If people find me "Crass and tactless"- its alright! Im stunting like my Momma.

With that, lets wish Kimora a Happy, Fab Birthday; she has really opened a lot of doors and led the way for many black, mixed or just plain ghetto future Kings and Queens. May the Lord bless her with more years and strength to keep encouraging and inspiring us.

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  1. love this! Kimora is a great role model <3 her


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