Monday, May 2, 2011

Funding the fabulosity

This post is outdated, its 10 days too late . I hope it can still salvage the few cents left in peoples accounts. This 10 day holiday break, has left many broke.

When I looked at my receipts from the weekend after pay day- I had gone through a small fortune. Really quickly. Fact about me- i love to shop but i hate to spend money, typical catch 22.

I decided to share some tips to try help us misers pinch the pennies in this insane economy. The ever rising petrol price inevitably means the joke is on us- no laughing to the bank, but crying in the supermarket.,

1. When eating out at a restaurant, i learnt from a friend, avoid buying a drink! It is twice the supermarket price and half the time; (well for me) it is left unfinished. Get water-tap water with a twist of lemon.

2. Carry your own shopping bag! Yes, it is a granny tendency- but the few cents every day- make dollers and rands! Make sense of the cents.

3. Check the receipt before leaving the shop, because the till operators are human too.It does seem a little anal, or petty, but its your money.
  •  With "sale" and "special" items- make sure you see the right price- countless times i have picked up something and done a mental receipt, but at the till the price is a few hundred rands apart!,so always be sure!!
4. If like me, you are bad with shopping lists and everything in the shop just magically finds its way in your trolley. Usually I find a spot in the shop and have the "who is going to Vegas/ Sun City " little audition and the losers obviously remain in the shop. When i get to the till, I do it again  (thats where the chocolates and fizzy drinks say "ta-ta").

What other tips do you guys have to share?

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