Monday, April 18, 2011

Conflict checks!!

In the legal profession, with the bigger law firms especially, you may often find yourself conflicted. This means that you may be given an instruction by a client but unable to act because the person(juristic or natural) they want to sue is a client of yours and therefore you can't take on their matter.

What usually happens when a new instruction comes in is that the responsible attorney sends a conflict check to the whole firm before accepting the mandate from the client, to find out if we aren't already doing work for the other side.

I just thought, if this conflict check system is introduced in the dating/ relationship arena, it will solve a lot of problems!
Let's imagine something like this, assuming that women world wide had a sisterhood and we could all alert each other and  run a conflict check everytime we meet a new guy!!!!!

I think it would look like this:

                                 CONFLICT CHECK FOR URGENT RESPONSE

Instructing Client:
Holding Company of client or group of which client is a member (if known):
VIP Gold card member of XXX Bar and Lounge
Other Party (if any):
 Possibly be a Eve or Steve
Holding Company of other party or Group of which other party is a member:
Holding the position of wife, girlfriend, live in lover, occasional hook up, baby mama/ life partner
Nature of instruction eg Eg dinner date, casual hook up, one night stand, relationship
He wants to come home with me.
Name of Professional attending to this matter
Response required by:
Date: 18/04/2011                Time: 04:30 AM
General Comments, if any:
URGENT! The DJ is playing his last set and the club is about to close…

Yes, there is a conflict (stop immediately, WTF *%###^*)
No conflict
(Have fun

Yes, there is a conflict (stop immediately, WTF *%###^*)
No conflict
(Have fun girl ;)

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