Thursday, January 5, 2017

What Manner of Madness is a Married Christmas?

Over the Christmas holidays I kept coming across this mess:

What the heck is a Married Christmas?

Didn't we agree that marriage is not an achievement?

This not a rhetorical question.
Here is the Huffington Post , with that has over 800 000 likes, to refresh your memories!
If Chimamanda says it, its true!

Is getting married your greatest achievement that you are going to hijack Jesus' birthday for it?

Ok, its cool.. Next year I am sending out Christmas Cards like:

Do they give out these for Marriage?

Me and my Mine wish you a Maserati Christmas

From the Mansion in Aspen..

I am pretty sure if unmarried women did this, people would feel some type of way. We really aren't bothered or bitter  about your wedding, but its not worth stealing the shine from Jesus. You had your wedding, now shhh, go sit in the corner and let us have a Merry Christmas!

If you continue with that mess, we are coming for Valentines Day too..

Ps: If anyone comes at me with "but that career isn't going to keep you warm at night", be ready to catch these clapbacks like:

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