Saturday, April 2, 2011

All of the lights..strobe lights, night lights..

I just typed this article and deleted it accidentally. sigh. :(

I can't type it again.

It was funny, quirky and leaves you with a good feeling. Well it left me with a good feeling and I did free advertising for some night spots in Joburg namely ZAR and Hush- the former being famous for people eating sushi of each others naked bodies.. When I went, there was no sushi; just Doritos... in the packet.

I made fun of people in ridiculous outfits and girls who believe that when the sun sets, so does the cellulite and wobbly bits.

I dissed guys (5 grown men) celebrating over 1 bottle of Nuvo/ Patron/Jack D/Wild Goose.. And waving it around all night.. Passing it amongst themselves.. Taking pictures with it.. And singing 'I get money'.. Or 'look at me now'.. Raising the bottle up..
None of them get money and y'all aint worth looking at.

Haaa, I was going to write a new post about Ishmael, he is a South African artist, he is very talented and he spoke with me last night..

The most important thing I did say is and i'll repeat is that: All this would not be possible without money! L☺L
Moving to Joburg has led to me shed some friendships due to distance and lack of time. I've come to meet new, interesting characters and its with these people that I have been able to create memorable times and also experience this beautiful city. ♥
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  1. Tiyani,

    I love the freshness of your writing and your point-of-view, that of a 23-year-old woman at the beginning of her adult life!

    Having read several of your posts, I can tell you it's very fun and exciting to be along for the ride!

    Thank you for the honor of reading and commenting <3



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