Friday, October 30, 2015

That One Thing

Ladies.. let's  face it. We ALL have it. And have probably been ashamed of  it at some point, and have developed  a perfectly  reasonable  excuse to defend  our choice. Yes...Each and every one of us has that one item  in their wardrobe, it could be a cute little black  dress, a pair of heels, a coat, maybe even a pair of earrings or whatever  fashionable  item  that you absolutely  LOVE and cannot  get  enough of. You love it so much you may have worn it on too many occasions than you think you ought to  have, so much that each time you  wear it you almost cross your  fingers and hope the people  you meet won't  recognize  it from a prior day. Basically, the only reason you wouldn't  wear it is because  it's dirty and is  in the laundry basket. Because  that's  just how much you love it. And if the poor thing could protest or run away  from you, it probably  would have  done  so a long time  ago.

Look, I'm not saying  you wear it everyday. But if you're  going to a special  event and you start asking yourself  what to wear, it's usually  the first thing you think of. I will be the first to plead  guilty  and  confess that for me, it has to be my favourite  pair of shoes. A suede black platform, peep-toe with a sling back with a copper  heel. I have tried to wear this shoe with basically  everything in  my wardrobe  from jumpsuits to cocktail dresses to leggings,and most times  it goes perfectly  with the rest of the outfit but sometimes I have to  remove them with a heavy heart as  they fail to blend with the outfit.
The pair of shoes that doubles as the love of my life!

I remember when I saw this shoe through the store window in a shopping mall, I just walked in and headed straight for  it and asked the shop assistant if they had my size. That's  probably the  only  time  I've experienced  love at first  sight  haha ! I  almost  cringed the one time when  I met a guy at an event while  I  was wearing  the shoe and I  bumped into him the following weekend  at another event and  lo and behold  I  was wearing the  same  shoe! I almost  kicked myself. I mean this guy probably  thought that was the only pair of shoes I  have!

Nonetheless there will always  be the little treasures  in our wardrobes, that have sentimental value to us  and  are undoubtedly  our favourite  items. Essentially that one item you love so much you can't see yourself ever giving it away.

Seeing as I've  started the confession roll, it would be  interesting  to hear from you ladies! What is your  favourite (and most abused) item in your  wardrobe? Feel free to comment and tell us and if possible, any funny story attached to this  item.

Rumbidzai Ngwarai is a 27 year old fashion designer who owns the label Diella Reaux. You can check out her designs on

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