Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Born to Win Concert: The Aftermath

The last time I went to Baseline was in 2008. This weekend, I made it a point that I would get my friend to drive that graveyard shift because all I remembered was it being a seedy weedy part of town. However to my surprise we were ushered into a well lit basement parking garage and I must say Newtown has come up!
My friend and I left the house at 11:30 pm after completing the first draft of a service level agreement for a client. There was tension and sleepiness in the car on the drive, but we were cute and ready for whatever!
I am so proud of the overall performance of all the artists primarily because the show started as soon as we walked in! Plus we had prime real estate in terms of location- we were right at the foot of the stage and got to interact with some of the musicians.
I used stock pictures because I dont carry a phone with me in the evenings. I was able to use my friends phone and those pictures are on my instagram- the feed is at the bottom of the page :)
New Talent

Yes, its upside down

Meet Miss Patty Monroe, this girl is FIREE. We need to see and hear more of her, move over Nicki! She had such great energy, fierce persona and I loved her style- sufficiently sexy.
We also heard from a guy with great abs and a girl with really sexy strapy sandal boots. I missed their names, as you can see I was distracted!

I don't think Nadia Nakai is a new artist, but there a few more things that she can still do to become a household name. She is talented and I am really proud of the female emcees we are grooming locally. They need lots of support so lets show them love! I wanna see a female artist fill up FNB Stadium! Who accepts the challenge?
Live Performances 
I will be honest, I did not have much of an expectation regarding the live elements of the concert. I have watched the MTV MAMA's, Channel O and Metro FM awards to have set the bar low- especially with hip hop artists. Lets be honest, there is a lot of alcohol breathlessness and missing of lyrics at award shows. 
I was pleasantly stunned by the performances of Dream Team, Emmy Gee and Anathi! Those guys brought it! They were hype and I really think there has been a level change in the music industry- there is more professionalism. I salute each of those guys for a stellar performance!

Bucie got me to like Black Coffee, I had no idea who he was until this song! She sang with a live band and her performance was beyond sultry. She is immensely gifted in singing and twerking! She hit the floor and my jaw followed- she is an incredible performer and anticipate to see more from her.
From Okada to Range Rover

Patoranking loves the Lord! He is a success story of how perseverance pays off -I read that he used to be a brick layer at some point in his life. He made a real connection with his fans, some even adorning him with their bracelets while he sang. He had grown men ready to trample us while shouting "WHAYASAY" at the top of their lungs. His live band was quite refreshing and authentic to his style of music, although I didn't know every song I was engaged through out. My friend  almost blew my ear drum when "Girlie O" came on, excitement doesnt even begin to describe the pandemonium when he performed that song. 
He sent us all home with a prayer and a declaration that "blessings follow you and police no go follow you."
When artists collaborate, it elevates the entire music industry and sends a strong message that says "Africa, we are one" to the rest of society, which is something politicians and business people cant relay without it looking disingenuous. 
I look forward to more concerts like this and I want to send a huge shout out my girl Dzithe and her team who worked tirelessly to pull this off! Thank you mama, you did it!

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