Friday, November 13, 2015

Oooops! Of wardrobe malfunctions

I personally  believe all women are  superheroes  ok? And I'm not even trying to  go all feminist on y'all with this one but hear me out. 

It's a pretty well-known fact that women love to look good. All the time. Even if it's  just walking to the supermarket to buy bread we want to look  good (in a seemingly  effortless  way) , or  in that long  bank queue that you just joined and your uncomfortable  heels  make you want to wince in pain but no,baby, you put on your  best 'I'm so comfortable in these six inch heels standing  in this long  queue' smile and brave it.  And shall we mention how uncomfortable spanx/tights/waist trainers (for those that prefer to go that route) can be underneath that figure-hugging dress but we still manage to hold  it together.

We put in so much effort to look our best, and most  times we succeed  but let's  talk about  the times we have failed and  done so in public. Yes, wardrobe  malfunctions. Either you're  too embarrassed  or too proud to admit it but we have  all experienced this.

My experience  just had to  be at one of my friend's bachelorette party. All the bridesmaids were  all on point, I  mean to  put it in  modern day terms we were 'on fleek' .I was wearing a cute strapless black jumpsuit with those  shoes I  mentioned in my last blog here and I  was feeling  like Beyonce up in there.

So we're partying right  and as nature would have it, occasionally  one needs to use the  bathroom and  so first time I went to  the bathroom and everything was  all good, I  mean I danced all the way to the bathroom.  (FYI - the zip on my jumpsuit was at the back from under my arms to my derriere )

So anyway all is good, people  having  fun  and it's time for  nature  call 2.0. I make my way to the bathroom aaaand this time  my zip is behaving rather stubborn so me in my attempt to discipline  the zip pulled a little  too hard  and  was left holding part of the zipper in my hand. So in my true independent  woman spirit, I thought 'Hey,I can fix this' . So now I'm attempting to unlock  this zipper  and mind you there's  a  long queue  of girls waiting to answer the  call of nature outside my stall so I  was now getting impatient,almost aggressive knocks so I decided to leave the stall  and  fix this in the bathroom in front of fifteen  strange girls. And there's nowhere to sit, I didn't even have safety pins on me to attempt to close it up. Just my luck. Long story  short, I didn't  fix it and now had to  go back  weaving  my way  through multitudes to my friends. The only way was against the  wall with my back to  the wall until I  got there  and I succeeded in doing that  and  had to end up borrowing  a long cardigan to cover my mishap for  the rest of the party but eish that ordeal was a very big ooops for me. 

I've  seen the occasional dragging of one leg due to a broken strap on a sandal, a ripped jean that's ripped in the wrong place, a broken heel..I've  seen enough to know  that all women  at some point  have had their clothes or shoes let them down at some point but what I  love is that we find ways to work around the mishaps even if it means getting someone to sew you into a  dress  while  you're  wearing it.

So, for those brave enough to confess, what has  been  your  most memorable wardrobe  malfunction ? And  how did you fix it or deal with it?

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