Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Trep Tuesday: Global Entrepreneurship Week

I hope that you are all out there participating in some events and forums that celebrate entrepreneurship this week!

I have been privileged to be part of 2 phenomenal workshops so far!

I attended the kick off event at GIBS, the usual corporate event with big sponsors telling their good stories. My big take away (I love takeaways)  here was that the government is looking at entrepreneurs to create more than 5 million jobs as targeted in the NDP. The various government departments made it very clear that they are not hiring!

 The Global Entrepreneurship Congress will be held in Johannesburg from 13-16 March 2017. 160 Countries  and 5000 delegates are expected to be present. Use this nugget wisely and start planning!

I spent the second day at the Thinkroom. These are the unsung heroes, the guys doing all the work and are holding the hands of entrepreneurs in a tangible way. In less than 12 hours my entire tech business concept was panel beaten from the top (my state of mind, vision, leadership) to the bottom (tax, website, business cards) all at no cost.

I learnt the importance of having a team or adequate support when you embark on a journey. Some of the people will remain nameless, but the impact they had will speak for itself.

What have you guys been up to over this week? Anything you would like us to check out?

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