Monday, July 4, 2011

Things to know..

Well one thing i know is that i have been awful and unfaithful to you my space (Dont really have followers to be unfaithful to) LOL..

I have been writing, but i blame my slackness on my new "interest"..  ill put up a picture of my new journal!
I am such a pen and paper girl!! Nothing can substitute the feeling of paper under your fingers and a pen glinding across the page... and the scratching out!! I am a scratch , scribble kinda gal! But growing as a writer means being versatile!! Today, typing tomorrow ill figure out an iphone! Haa haa..

See, I have written so much in my journal and the original intention was to transfer the work to the blog.. but i got lazy.. and in my laziness i came up with this! Which translated into a brand new post...

1. Be excellent. Its an order.

2. You are beautiful. Its a fact.

3. You are strong. Own it.

4. You are loved unconditionally. Accept it.

5. You will fail and fall. Get up.

6. People pretend. Be aware

7. Be conscious. Not bitter.

8. Love God. Love people.

9. Money isnt everything and love is not enough!
10. Johannesburg is cold. Keep your feet warm! #random

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