Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whom to love

                                                             Those puppy eyes *swoon*

I am Weezy lover to the core and when the song 'How to love' came out, I felt like he was saying he loves me back and above all; gets me.

Weezy is the epitome of bad *ss! Everything about him is obscene and brilliant in the same breath. I could easily do this all day, everyday. I dont condone all his behaviour though- like the BET 2011 Awards performance....ummmm, the bow at the end was a lil too late! You cant rock up undressed and skipping across the stage- then bow at the end! You already disrespected us!! Like the people that stop in the middle of the road and turn on their hazards- that DOESNT make it ok!!
Totally inappropriate and out of place..*sigh* So Weezy *smiles*.

Anyway, I digress.

Most women (feel free to disagree) have been/are attracted to the bad boy. I wont describe him further because we all know him, or know of him. He doesnt need more airplay..Agreed?

Basically what this guy(s) does to you is this:

"You see a lot of crooks and the crooks still crook
See You had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart"

and the result is this:

"Never really had luck, couldn’t never figure out
How to love"

You basically feel robbed of something, "crooked" as Weezy says.  You feel that the innocence of love is taken away because you shared it with the wrong person. Im not talking  about s*x here, but just a normal love relationship. Heartbreak is inevitable at some stage of your life- thats acceptable, we all need that breaking moment. Thats expected.

I am talking about something/someone that taints your love... Something that contaminates/ spoils/ corrupts your view and image of love, birthing the cynic in you.. Basically does what Wale in "Diary" talks about to your view of love. Side note : How deep is Wale though?? love him much??!!!

And then; Enter glimpse of hope! There is that person or people that somehow can redeem or save a situation. You feel he/they wants to try give back to you what the crooks took-almost like your system is being reset..As much as the person has their own struggles and shortfalls; in their presence you feel almost whimsical again. This is something different and you are so out of your element...something unusual-but not in that Trey Songz  nasty kinda way.
 A good sort of weird.

This doesnt really have an ending as i am still figuring it out.. But thought i would share before i completely forget.

Comments.. Have you ever met anyone above? and how did that make you feel? Were they everything you thought? or a wolf in sheeps skin..Like the Marlon's brothers in "White Chics"...

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