Friday, November 27, 2015

Fab Friday: Lean and Dab

I want you guys to have the freshest dance moves at your year end functions!

Cam Newton Dabbin'

I discovered this new dance yesterday and I love it!It is called the "Dab"! You can still hold onto the Shmoney dance though..

I have become one of those people who googles the lyrics and meanings of words in songs.. I think the dance has something to do with drugs. I hope I am talking to people who know that Fetty Wap is not making Patty Labelle pies in the kitchen!

Here is a low key version:

Put some sauce in it!
And if your cardio is in point, you can try the one below with a combo of the nae-nae, whip, the quan, something called 'top drop' and many others!

There is challenge going on social media, would love to see your interpretations of this dance!

*The fact I am saying interpretations of a dance shows my age!

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