Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Trep Tuesday: Too Much Hustle, Not Enough (cash) Flow

As an entrepreneur you never know when you will get your break, so you are always on the look out and ever ready! You say "yes" to way too many things because you want to be known, or seen to be known as the "guy or gal who has it going on".. whatever "it" is!

Right now with the end of the year looming, its important to secure and finalise some deals so that you get your Dezemba  money and some cash to tide you over in the first 2-3 months of the new year.

Don't be this guy
Being a poor struggling artist is romantic and deep, being a poor struggling entrepreneur is scary. 

Sometimes you feel like you are hustling endlessly, networking, connecting with people on LinkedIn, sending emails that get ignored- basically there is no recognition for your hustle. 

I would like to share a personal story to give hope to your hustle:

On 17 September 2015, Leaderex happened, for those who don't know what that is click here. I had my free ticket and  it was cool! You know the expo grind- swapping business cards, getting flyers and asking unnecessary questions. After about 2 hours of this my partner Zani decided to find a place to sit  and went to a different floor. My feet began to hurt and I followed her, only to for her to tell me about some other events on that floor.

Destiny Connect Homepage

Miraculously we walked into an event hosted by Destiny Connect and First For Women, this was a closed event but somehow we hustled our way into the room and onto the home page of Destiny Connect. We literally had not been in the room for 2 minutes when our picture was taken. We got to talk to Khanyi and get our photo with her too. She is EVERYTHING!

* We are now subscribing members to Destiny Mag! *

Then a week ago we got found out that we are in the December issue (picture above) and what a historic issue to be "featured" in with Nompendulo Mkatshwa on the cover. I wanna be her when I grow up!

Did we get our cash flow up from this? Not yet ! But we got some recognition and at times that's enough- money is better to help you feel like you are not stagnant. 

What has your hustle yielded? Any tips of how to get the cash flow up?

For the biggest year end event for entrepreneurs follow @blackout_za on Twitter and The BlackOut SA on Facebok! We want to recognise all your hard work this year!

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