Monday, November 9, 2015

The Sweet Solitude of Singleness

What is the sweet solitude of your singleness?

Ok, I’ll go first: My routines are the capstone of my singleness.

My top 3 routines I can't bear to have disturbed!

1)      My Quiet Time

I made the decision to have a daily quiet time earlier this year. It was something I had struggled with for a long time- I just couldn’t find the time, so now I make the time. The quality of my thoughts and inward life have improved, I don’t even know how I was living without it! Robin Sharma refers to this as the Holy Hour which he says should be dedicated to self-mastery and personal development. I personally take about 30-40 minutes a day each morning, sit on the floor in my bedroom and read my devotion, Bible and a chapter of a book – in that order. I also use the time to visualize some of the goals I want to achieve in that day.

2)      Friday Night Binges
I mean series binges! On Friday nights I put tools down at 6pm, make some dins and start indulging! I like to start with Quantico, then Being Mary Jane, onto Modern Family, Black-ish, Empire and top it off with Scandal. Its a  4 hour marathon that ends no later than midnight,plus I stop to watch Generations at 8 pm! 

I would not be able to handle Friday Night date nights because I need my Friday nights for my series and its not the same watching them on Saturday morning!

Here is a bonus for all the online streamers: Google 'series cravings' and 'watch your series' for some good links to series and movies.

I Run Alone

Not a goal

I like this whole 'lone wolf' vibe, but it constantly alludes me. Besides that I hate it when people do normal activities in active wear, I am all for athleisure gear, eg wearing a dress and Nikes but that is as far as I go. Next things you are on a breakfast date in tights and trainers *shudders*.

Now, your turn! If you are single, or miss being single – what is the sweetness of your solitude?  Did your kids or partner elevated that aspect or completely demolished it?

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