Friday, October 14, 2011

The week in words

Hope in God, but exert yourself! {Russian proverb}

This was one of those pivotal weeks in my life. It was a week of introspection and reflection.*deep pause*

 My current favourite author Paulo Coelho speaks about how we determine time and I chewed on the  bone of life and let it digest;
  • First; I hoped again. Not hoping on a specific situation or result, but I am hoping in the goodness of God.
  • Secondly, I am letting people love me. I think I am emotionally inept.. Yes I know its an unkind thing to say about myself but I dont respond well to affection, etc. I lost almost everything by the hand of someone I loved at a young age, therefore I view people and their intentions very warily.
  • Thirdly, I discovered that the slower you move, the easier it is to form the dots that will be connected one day. I didnt do as well as I planned to in certain aspect of my career and this has lead to all the above.
Sometimes life just slams the brakes so you can observe the scenery and really think about where you are going.

Right now I have a thirst to find something that CONSUMES me!  I want to be in a line of work where thats all that is on my mind, where I am thoroughly involved and sleep is abandoned. Where my mind is constantly unsettled and I look at my life and just love what I am doing.

I am glad to be asking these questions and although I dont have an answer as yet, I am excited because it means as long as I keep consciously moving- I will reach my my object (not destination) and run with it.. Slowly..

In the words of Steve Jobs; Stay hungry, Stay foolish!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lost without you.... Blackberry addict's ode to lost Blackberry

Dear B,

I dont even know how to begin this...

Listened to Carter 4, so im sure this pic makes sense with that in mind
(Brilliant album, worth the wait)

Sitting alone in total silence. All alone. In silence.
A sound or feeling I am no longer accustomed to and honestly in this first 48 hours since I lost my Blackberry( it’s not a phone, it’s a Blackberry) among other things ,its sunk in just how needy I’ve become.
As much as we claim that we now, more than ever very self reliant and that we can do just fine all alone and human emotions can be fully described by 20 emoticons (I don’t know how to download more than the standard ones).  Today, I realized otherwise.
The Blackberry revolution in my view has opened both sides of the can, you are getting out what you need but there’s a lot of crap you don’t need that will inevitably be a waste.  The convenience of a Smartphone is unparalleled.  You have access to everything but we need to filter what we let on to screens; for instance some applications are total rubbish. There’s a certain android that has an animal app, you can say something and it repeats out in a donkey, chipmunk, or whatever (except a dinosaur *very sad face*) voice you like. Imagine that, having a giraffe parrot you. How totally ridiculous is that, and the worst thing I grown folk have entire zoo’s on their phones alongside CNN/ BBC instant updates applications. * BBM can’t watch face*.
As much as all my 60 contacts are all alive and fine; I have not spoken to most of them since yesterday. I doubt a little over a handful of them will enquire as to how or when I fell of the BBM radar even when they see my quirky and usually attention seeking statuses are missing. As I point one finger at them and surely the rest are pointing back at me; the greatest effort I’ll make to “reach out” is to alert my 700 Face book friends in a half hearted status that my Blackberry and I have been separated by circumstances beyond our control and after failed attempts to be rejoined we have accepted our fate is be apart.
Smartphone’s have somewhat lessened the value of, or cheapened human relationships. Cheapened can be seem in a good light- like mercury bulbs- it’s much easier to get in touch with people now  as they can be on your BBM, What’s App or whatever app. Phone numbers have to some point become redundant; I mean why do you need to call someone when all they can ever be is basically:
Whatever is emoticon missing, fill in the gaps and end with aJ!
Also note, the “Haa haa/ Hee hee” variation goes a long way.
If you are really longing to hear their voice, a 59 second voice note will do the trick and this can actually be turned into a full on discussion. Now, who needs phone numbers? *BBM not interested face*.
I’ve read a certain male blog where a writer proudly stated he has “de thonged women in under 20 texts”, well in the age of BBM where texting is only to parents, grandparents and work colleagues or people living in middle eastern countries and Zimbabwe- I’m sure he could “de thong” them 60 seconds flat.
 In the social scene, a phone number and no BBM pin is like wearing sweat pants on any other day than what the ‘It’ girls decide. Yes, I liked Mean Girls….a lot. It’s all about the Pin! So that you can get a Ping. There is no BBM emoticon for *losing my mind*.
The story of how my phone got stolen/ lost is neither here nor there, but I’ll let you know it involves a guy in a pink shirt, some very drunk Zimbabweans and a place in Rosebank; SHUSH!!! I say this just to make it sound cooler than it really was, but I’ll leave it like this.
This is day one and i'll keep you guys posted on how the Crackberry withdrawal symptoms sub side.
Any tips on what I can do? I am getting another one as soon as the Torch 9810 hits the shelves, I’ll be on it like the white on rice. What do I do in the meantime? *BBM confused face*

Sunday, August 21, 2011

R n B Sundays 2

  Donell, come back! I need you....

“Well, well, well, well!” That is pretty much his signature phrase in the sultry mellow tone, now tell me; have you seen him???
I know I was meant to blog on a new artist/ album every week. The second Sunday, something or rather someone interrupted me, this led to putting in practice all my con reading skills I learnt from watching "White Collar" and that’s another post all together. The third Sunday, I had car trouble and still do, but I refuse to let it consume me two weeks in a row.

Aaahhh * nostalgic sigh *, where do I begin the story of Donell?

 The year was 1999, my colourful and super cool aunt Pamela was an R n B fanatic, she and my late uncle (her brother in law) would sit around on Sundays listening to Jazz, Afro pop, R n B, Soft Rock, etc so I guess that’s where I got this from. At that age 12, it was very annoying because I’d rather be watching TV than have The Soweto String Quartet fiddling through the house.

This was the first album I heard and the first song I really took to was obviously “U know what’s up" ft Left Eye (RIP), I mean TLC was my favourite group at the time. There was no song bigger than "No Scrubs" and all girls my age had pictures of the trio plastered over anything we could find a blank space above the Spice Girls and beside Backstreet Boys. This is when I ask for all those with 'Auto' or 'Scrap' books to step up and tell us how they got down the lyrics to the songs pre-Google! I mean it’s like every song had 4000000000+ versions of the same chorus! As usual, I digress.

Donell...I liked that name ... ALOT! It just had something that still puts a lingering smile on my lips. Perhaps the double LL! He was good looking, that just added to the appeal and I blame him for ... mmmm let’s just say the song "This luv" carries memories.

When I listen to it now, I realise this song was loaded and encouraged promiscuity! I didn’t fully comprehend what it all meant but it had a different sound.. The part that still gets me to this day is:

"I understand you have a n*gga that lives at home but I wanna be the cat that makes you moan". It’s not the lyrics I liked, but his vocals there that got me hooked. You have to hear it to understand it. I’ll stop there with this song * naughty lingering smile *. It is my favourite Donell song to this day.

Next song was "Shorty", it was cool kind of reminds me of that Montel Jordan song 'Get it on tonight'. Nothing to write home about; typical guy trying to hustle a girl to go home with him.

 I haven’t listened to this entire album since 1999, but when I heard this song "I wanna love you", my toes curled up. It’s amazing what the mind remembers and after Googling the lyrics; I know why. Like the man says, he wants to love the woman; straight to the point. I think I should stop fighting the fact that I am a idealistic romantic (for lack of a better word), I want a very pure type of love, but then again which girl doesn’t?

I wanna luv u
every night, every day
u know I need u in my life
want u stay
I wanna luv u
every night, every day
u know I need u in my life
want u stay

I want to be needed. There I said it for the whole world to know. If I am not needed, then why am I there? Anybody else may as well be there. I must be the only person on this entire world capable of fulfilling that role but if I am not, then someone else can take the job!
 I always ask suitors "Why me?, what is it about me that made you step up to me? " If any one of them had given the right answer- well, let’s just say I would be too busy for this post! Haa haa..

Then the last song, really hits home "Where I wanna be". This is a "love" song, I’ll let the lyrics speak for themselves.. My comments are in purple:

I said I left my baby girl a message
Sayin' I won't be coming home
I'd rather be alone
She doesn't fully understand me
That I'd rather leave than to cheat  (
I applaud this)
If she gives me some time
I can be the man she needs   (
Don’t agree with this)
But there's a lot of lust inside of me ( The truth shall set you free) 
And we've been together since our teenage years
I really don't mean to hurt her, but I need some time
To be alone

[Chorus 1]
But when you love someone
You just don't treat them bad
Oh, how I feel so sad
Now that I wanna leave
She's crying her heart to me
How could you let this be?
I just need time to see
Where I wanna be
Where I wanna be...

Sweet little dee-do-dee-dee...
I don't mean to hurt you, baby, oh, no, no...

[Verse 2]
Never did I imagine
That you would play a major part
In a decision that's so hard
Do I leave, do I stay, do I go?
I think about my life and what matters to me the most
Girl, the love that we share is real
But in time your heart will heal
I'm not saying I'm gone
But I have to find what life is like
Without you

If someone has lust inside them, it is best that they leave! I believe in leaving! That’s me- ill quickly add that I believe in forgiveness too. I admit, I am a little unforgiving, and for that reason one must leave!

This song is an paradox within itself. He is the hero and the villain. He is leaving to protect her from his potential to cheat and the hurt that she could feel from that, so in a way he is caring about her feelings and shielding her from the bad side of him. In the same breath, he is putting himself first and making a really selfish decision to take care of his desires, which supercede her broken heart.

I often ask, "why can’t more guys be like this?". Leave when they see they have unexplored lust in them, rather than hang on and hurt you. As selfish as this ultimately is- I find it’s the lesser evil and has a hint of nobility. I would prefer my heart heal from this, then the scathing hurt of being cheated on.

What are your favourite Donell songs? Any thoughts on the song "Where I wanna be?"

Sunday, July 24, 2011

R n B Sundays: Babyface

                                              What a timeless album!

This is the first of my RnB Sunday posts.  I'll start with the classics because they paved the way.

I guess "the universe" started me here (my friend took Micheal Bolton) so Babyface it is.

I was introduced to him by my mother, we actually owned this particular album but it got lost somewhere. While on our usual mall trolls, my friend and i came across a GREAT SALE!! Mind you we are in the middle of career determining exams, our attorney's admission exams start on Tuesday, but we found time to wander around the mall!( And i have time to blog - this is the moment you should all feel special).

Reliable Music warehouse is selling 3 cd's for R99!! This was one of them- ill debut the rest later. (If you are in the US divide by 7). I Know, GREAT DEAL!

I must have been 11 when i started listening to this album, although not quite understanding the depth of the lyrics but in my 11 year old mind i knew that love was a very serious thing.
I  thought "guys have such big hearts or are Hero-like" songs like 'Change the world' and 'how come, how long' influenced that.
'Soon as I get home' and 'Never keeping secrets' made me think that fidelity, honesty and a man treating you well was a given. *sigh*

 Above all, to this day i hold that there is no way that a man can apologise without being as sorry as in "Reason for breathing".
I don't wanna go clubbing, I got no one to dance with me
I don't wanna go shopping, I got no one to spend my money on
Spending my time with one glass of wine
Playing solitaire just to ease my mind
Poured one for you, but I drank that too
Anything to kill the pain of losing you

I would listen to this part and be like "Wow, a woman can do this to a man? I mean he doesnt want to go shopping because he has no one to spend his money on? cant buy himself something?" I would ask my mother these questions and she would just laugh.

I think i subconsciously decided that someone has to feel this way about me someday and nothing less would be acceptable! 

I turn on the radio just to take the hurt away
Another night and I'm missing you
Girl, it's killing me

And the finale line was: *dramatic rise in tempo*
But I'm lost in this pain and I don't have much time
I'm so tired of walking this same old line
I'm taking my pride, gonna throw it aside
Please let me breathe girl, I'm sorry.

Chorus:  (to put things in context)

I don't wanna die tonight, but I think I might be going down
'Cause the only one I ever cared about is nowhere to be found
I don't wanna close my eyes 'cause I might not see the light of day
I'm almost out of air
You're my reason for breathing
You're my reason for breathing

This song is the "Standard of Sorriness". I guess it explains why no ex boyfriend has ever been successful in reconciliation attempts. Ha Ha.
As an 11 year old, i could feel that this man's life depended on this woman forgiving him. She really was his reason for breathing!! It was as if  he was on life support and the machine is beeping faster and her "i forgive you" would stablise his condition.

Overall, this was a pretty great album and 11 years later i was glad to compare what i thought then with what ive learnt now. My "Standard" is still high and im holding out for a 'Soon as I get home ' kinda guy..

Have you heard this album? What did you think of it? Favourite songs? Share guys :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

What the heck...

                                                        What the hell???

All my life I've been good,
But now...
I'm thinking, "what the hell?"
All I want is to mess around
And I don't really care about...
This exactly how i feel about studying for my board exams.. Totally unmotivated (I wont say demotivated because i wasnt motivated to start with)and  in complete oblivion.

In the age of the internet, i cant really get into it but i will one day when all fear is gone.

How is your weekend going? Have you ever felt like this and how did you get over it?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whom to love

                                                             Those puppy eyes *swoon*

I am Weezy lover to the core and when the song 'How to love' came out, I felt like he was saying he loves me back and above all; gets me.

Weezy is the epitome of bad *ss! Everything about him is obscene and brilliant in the same breath. I could easily do this all day, everyday. I dont condone all his behaviour though- like the BET 2011 Awards performance....ummmm, the bow at the end was a lil too late! You cant rock up undressed and skipping across the stage- then bow at the end! You already disrespected us!! Like the people that stop in the middle of the road and turn on their hazards- that DOESNT make it ok!!
Totally inappropriate and out of place..*sigh* So Weezy *smiles*.

Anyway, I digress.

Most women (feel free to disagree) have been/are attracted to the bad boy. I wont describe him further because we all know him, or know of him. He doesnt need more airplay..Agreed?

Basically what this guy(s) does to you is this:

"You see a lot of crooks and the crooks still crook
See You had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart"

and the result is this:

"Never really had luck, couldn’t never figure out
How to love"

You basically feel robbed of something, "crooked" as Weezy says.  You feel that the innocence of love is taken away because you shared it with the wrong person. Im not talking  about s*x here, but just a normal love relationship. Heartbreak is inevitable at some stage of your life- thats acceptable, we all need that breaking moment. Thats expected.

I am talking about something/someone that taints your love... Something that contaminates/ spoils/ corrupts your view and image of love, birthing the cynic in you.. Basically does what Wale in "Diary" talks about to your view of love. Side note : How deep is Wale though?? love him much??!!!

And then; Enter glimpse of hope! There is that person or people that somehow can redeem or save a situation. You feel he/they wants to try give back to you what the crooks took-almost like your system is being reset..As much as the person has their own struggles and shortfalls; in their presence you feel almost whimsical again. This is something different and you are so out of your element...something unusual-but not in that Trey Songz  nasty kinda way.
 A good sort of weird.

This doesnt really have an ending as i am still figuring it out.. But thought i would share before i completely forget.

Comments.. Have you ever met anyone above? and how did that make you feel? Were they everything you thought? or a wolf in sheeps skin..Like the Marlon's brothers in "White Chics"...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Things to know..

Well one thing i know is that i have been awful and unfaithful to you my space (Dont really have followers to be unfaithful to) LOL..

I have been writing, but i blame my slackness on my new "interest"..  ill put up a picture of my new journal!
I am such a pen and paper girl!! Nothing can substitute the feeling of paper under your fingers and a pen glinding across the page... and the scratching out!! I am a scratch , scribble kinda gal! But growing as a writer means being versatile!! Today, typing tomorrow ill figure out an iphone! Haa haa..

See, I have written so much in my journal and the original intention was to transfer the work to the blog.. but i got lazy.. and in my laziness i came up with this! Which translated into a brand new post...

1. Be excellent. Its an order.

2. You are beautiful. Its a fact.

3. You are strong. Own it.

4. You are loved unconditionally. Accept it.

5. You will fail and fall. Get up.

6. People pretend. Be aware

7. Be conscious. Not bitter.

8. Love God. Love people.

9. Money isnt everything and love is not enough!
10. Johannesburg is cold. Keep your feet warm! #random

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday HIV! We don't wish you any more!!

Today marks 30 years since they discovered HIV, which stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is sexually transmitted (mostly), or from sharing needles with someone who is HIV positive as well as from mothers to children in their womb.

Sex. That's the biggest way of contracting the disease. Unprotected sex. Yet this virus is 100% preventable. If we follow 1 of 3 simple steps: literally as easy as ABC- Abstain, Be faithful and/or Condomise.

Everyone knows about HIV and that it kills, but not everyone believes it can happen to them. That's the biggest problem we face- not availability of condoms; no one believes they can be 'that' person. So they go around living their lives with a certain air of arrogance and ignorance until its too late.

We need to be vigilant, people! We need to wake up and smell this strong brewed coffee- HIV doesn't know ugly, beauty, smart, dumb, rich or poor! But it knows and thrives on selfish, inconsiderate, forgetfulness, 'in the heat of the moment' and careless.

I've lost 3 close relatives to this virus. 2 of them died in my bed. I've seen cousins become orphans because of this silent killer. I've seen economies fail because of this thief.

We can't say 'God is punishing us', its totally on us.

For those who fall prey to this because of rape, were cheated on or born with it- I send my deepest apologies to you and I am truly sorry because you weren't given a choice. But you can live, and live fully, abundantly. It may not be curable but it is manageable.

For those who are negative- don't think too highly of yourself. It can be you.
If you are cheating on your other, please do the right thing and leave that person alone- don't drag them down with you- let them have a chance with someone deserving. Because HIV, like misery- loves company.

I'd like for us to bury HIV and celebrate the day it dies. Let's go!!!
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chill bites: My winter to do list!

It seems that a blog is not a blog without a list of some sort! Without further ado, here I go:

1. Study for my board exams that will be written on the 26th and 27th of July. Its not enough to just     have a degree that I slaved for over 4 years, I still have board exams to write to get a qualification I dont really feel I need, but at least I can call myself an attorney, and drop the candidate.

2. Fix up my car! My green hornet needs serious touch ups. It will do good for me to fix it now before summer rain comes. The list of problems it has are endless and this is to my untrained woman eye, it may cost a small fortune but safety first! I am always grateful that i am not paying  monthly instalments for it; thanks Dad.

3. Go and watch a 3D movie! *hides under desk* Yes, i have not seen a 3D movie yet. Im thinking  Thor; this weekend and ill go alone :).

4. Manage my money well so I can go whale watching in Cape Town after my boards as well as spend time with my mentor Mrs Carol Bouwer at her production house. Refer to post " funding the fabulousity".

5. Do something cultured. Maybe theatre, attend a seminar or expo. These Bhawa ranger tendencies {in one of the languages we speak in Zimbabwe we call a bar/club/pub a "bhawa". Get the word play with Power Ranger??? lol } must reduce. My Taiwanese friend says I need to do something that adds value to my life.. any suggestions?

6. Decorate!!!! I recently got my couch and now I need to get some pretty things to make it warm and inviting. I found the some very pretty red cushions and now i'm missing a soft, fluffly red fleece for the late night tv watching days with a cup of hot chocolate and baked goods. I love bedroom linen, so indulge myself and get a duvet filled with some sort of feathers ans Egyptian cotton pillow cases! Have to start somewhere.
A full length mirror is non negotiable. before i break my neck climbing on the tub to look in  bathroom one.

7. Cook a well planned meal for myself. Once a week. In heels.

8. Take a break from being a pleasure manager. Yes, it is an actual title and ill let you use your imagination as to what this means I do. Well for one- it means I have to be Bhawa ranger, the two are inextricably linked. In any case, you dont meet nice boys under that guise.
Im ready to meet a nice boy- I think,  but im willing to wait for the nicest boy to join me for the baked good and hot chocolate.

9.  Be purposeful and maintain an attitude of praise in all that I will face.  Love God and Love people.

10. Overcome my very rational dislike ( i dont like to use the word fear) of driving to court!! I hate going to that place- its smack in the middle of town; the crowds, little parking and constant road works make it a nightmare. I am even willing to forfeit the money I can claim for petrol and opt to carpool! Doing my bit for the enviroment!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Big slices;thats how you cut the cake #fabulosity *Happy birthday tribute to Kimora Lee*

 Today, I was greatly (momentarily) offended.. I am apparently ghetto. I was called "Brooklyn", by the "Upper east siders".

Initially I thought, "Girl, you need to tone it down" and almost burst out laughing, when I realised, I am ghetto to the core!! Even in my thoughts.

And what is ghetto? Is it being poor? Is it being too black? I think its being real; unharnessed, or some would say "poor upbringing, or lack of manners". Yet whose manners? I am respectful in my culture, but because i laugh from my belly and use my entire body to express myself, I am "unfinished"?

I guess because of this, I am the odd kid in the pack, so out of place and improper. I caught myself being sad, and thinking "If only I could be like so and so, she is part of the 'in crowd'- black and proper", then I thought of Kimora.

If there is a runway worth talking of, she has walked on it. She has lived the life that many girls- "proper and improper" have dreamt of. How many thirteen year olds model, for Chanel? At a point she was Karl Lagerfeld's muse, I mean if you want to go on about her accolades, I can do it all day, everyday(I dont mind).
I (religiously) watch her show "Life in the fab lane", and this is a ghetto Queen, with her own kingdom and, boy, she does reign supreme. She does not apologise for who she is, she lives her life unedited, she is real, blessed and fabulous- above all.

In that moment, the thought of Kimora- brought me to the realisation, that they I am a ghetto Princess and I am building my own dynasty- so If people find me "Crass and tactless"- its alright! Im stunting like my Momma.

With that, lets wish Kimora a Happy, Fab Birthday; she has really opened a lot of doors and led the way for many black, mixed or just plain ghetto future Kings and Queens. May the Lord bless her with more years and strength to keep encouraging and inspiring us.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Funding the fabulosity

This post is outdated, its 10 days too late . I hope it can still salvage the few cents left in peoples accounts. This 10 day holiday break, has left many broke.

When I looked at my receipts from the weekend after pay day- I had gone through a small fortune. Really quickly. Fact about me- i love to shop but i hate to spend money, typical catch 22.

I decided to share some tips to try help us misers pinch the pennies in this insane economy. The ever rising petrol price inevitably means the joke is on us- no laughing to the bank, but crying in the supermarket.,

1. When eating out at a restaurant, i learnt from a friend, avoid buying a drink! It is twice the supermarket price and half the time; (well for me) it is left unfinished. Get water-tap water with a twist of lemon.

2. Carry your own shopping bag! Yes, it is a granny tendency- but the few cents every day- make dollers and rands! Make sense of the cents.

3. Check the receipt before leaving the shop, because the till operators are human too.It does seem a little anal, or petty, but its your money.
  •  With "sale" and "special" items- make sure you see the right price- countless times i have picked up something and done a mental receipt, but at the till the price is a few hundred rands apart!,so always be sure!!
4. If like me, you are bad with shopping lists and everything in the shop just magically finds its way in your trolley. Usually I find a spot in the shop and have the "who is going to Vegas/ Sun City " little audition and the losers obviously remain in the shop. When i get to the till, I do it again  (thats where the chocolates and fizzy drinks say "ta-ta").

What other tips do you guys have to share?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Conflict checks!!

In the legal profession, with the bigger law firms especially, you may often find yourself conflicted. This means that you may be given an instruction by a client but unable to act because the person(juristic or natural) they want to sue is a client of yours and therefore you can't take on their matter.

What usually happens when a new instruction comes in is that the responsible attorney sends a conflict check to the whole firm before accepting the mandate from the client, to find out if we aren't already doing work for the other side.

I just thought, if this conflict check system is introduced in the dating/ relationship arena, it will solve a lot of problems!
Let's imagine something like this, assuming that women world wide had a sisterhood and we could all alert each other and  run a conflict check everytime we meet a new guy!!!!!

I think it would look like this:

                                 CONFLICT CHECK FOR URGENT RESPONSE

Instructing Client:
Holding Company of client or group of which client is a member (if known):
VIP Gold card member of XXX Bar and Lounge
Other Party (if any):
 Possibly be a Eve or Steve
Holding Company of other party or Group of which other party is a member:
Holding the position of wife, girlfriend, live in lover, occasional hook up, baby mama/ life partner
Nature of instruction eg Eg dinner date, casual hook up, one night stand, relationship
He wants to come home with me.
Name of Professional attending to this matter
Response required by:
Date: 18/04/2011                Time: 04:30 AM
General Comments, if any:
URGENT! The DJ is playing his last set and the club is about to close…

Yes, there is a conflict (stop immediately, WTF *%###^*)
No conflict
(Have fun

Yes, there is a conflict (stop immediately, WTF *%###^*)
No conflict
(Have fun girl ;)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The writing is on the wall..

The other day I put up my graphic illustration and feel free to write what it looks like, there is no wrong answer! (Don't you just wish that applied to maths?????)
Being single in Sandton for the last 7 months- it seems to be the story of this city.

  • Boy meets girl. 
  • Exchange of BBM pins. (phone numbers will get you nowhere)
  • Day 2 of BBM'ing--> boy wants to see girl again. 
  • Day 5 > a date is set up.
  • Day  7 > there is a date/ meeting/ visit. 
  • The end or some sinister continuation.

Maybe I've had awful experiences (could have something to do with the fact I meet them in the club), if you have had anything different: share it!
Its not even all times that you get to day 7 (if you respect your swag), if he is honest he will tell you he is seeing someone but he likes you enough to kiss you, but he is committed. "So what can we do?" *bbm grinning face icon*. Alternatively you will be told  that you can't expect to find a man his age being single, so he hopes you don't mind his girlfriend. Or they will just be plain weird!

Now, my issue is::
Women!! We have spoilt these men!! From which angle would someone approach you like that?? Its because he has tried and tested it before-- and guess what?? It worked!!
A standard has been set, that certain women don't mind playing the supporting actress role! Now though; its my movie and I play the lead roles! I call the shots 'cut', 'pause', 're-take'.I don't follow your cue cards and misdirection!
Women of Johannesburg, let's take ownership and stop playing the cameo roles! Can I get a 'Yuuup'??
I find it disrespectful for someone to make that kind of proposition to me; Tiyani Majoko. To be his 'makhwapheni'.. That literally means to be the girl in his armpit!!
*pointing at myself* "ME? "
*looking around*
"no ooo "*wagging finger and shaking my head*
Let's dissect that for a minute- you are the girl in the armpit; that's because the main girl is on his arm! There is no space for you in front- so you must be kept hidden, under wraps, in the armpit. Waiting in the 'wings'.

How many people know men who shave their armpit?. I mean men by gender- not by sex. A man's bushy armpit is one of the nastiest places I can think of. And he wants to put you there.
You aren't a piece of sand and his armpit isn't an oyster-you won't turn into a pearl under there!!
Its only a few 'makhwapheni's' that make it to the status of the Mrs,to slide out from the armpit, who manage to boot out the girl on the arm, classic example Alicia Keyes. She is every makhwapheni's role model!

        She was clearly more than a girl that's a friend!

Bottom line: We need to have a new picture for the scene out there.
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Speaking to my spirit

I don't even know where to begin! This feels like something so delicious; so creamy and sweet, but in the right proportions. You are so tempted to pull it out of your mouth to see what exactly it is hitting the 'sweet spot'. And with things like this, its usually the only one, or the last piece you got from someone- who also got it from somewhere.. And you are ready to dedicate all your time to find this thing again!

Let me start with the ladies! I hope and pray everyone of you has ladies!!

Ladies, that know you; the true you- who may curse like sailor or who know that you can't eat your food without a drink, or aren't surprised when you whip out a mirror at the table while we are eating! The ladies that pray you through, hug you through, cry you through, jog with you, fast with you---->>> ladies that LOVE YOU!!

Thank you Jesus, I have these ladies!! Today, we had our day, from talks of waiting for Mr Right, Wonder Bra's and happy boobs, work displeasure, funemployment, parking bays, food, dream matte mousse by Revlon, Uncle Fauzi (this is a Lebanese restaurant in Pretoria- they make the best wings and burgers :) *twice in one day*.... nothing was off limits!

I felt complete. I was churched. I was mothered, smothered, sistered, grandmothered! I was like a fire fly!! Just beaming.

The Bible says 'the one who has loved has seen the face of God!' I love and l am loved-- it really felt like heaven just opened up and poured down on me.. ♥

I've met a guy that speaks to my soul, but these ladies- speak to my spirit! And so deeply.. They carry me in their spirit and I carry them in mine!!.. ♥ ♥ .. Love looks great on me ☺[Miguel is right - love can Adorn you]
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Monday, April 11, 2011

My graphic illustration..

I was trying to upload from my PC, but it was PDF and for the life of me, I don't know how to convert a PDF to a JPG.. So I was like WTH.. and took a picture of a picture!!

On a side note, I've taken a picture of a picture before- it was of my high school crush..  In retrospect the coolest thing about him was the fact that I took a picture of his picture! No clue where he is today..

Anyway, use your imagination and tell me what you think the story behind this is.. Ill post my version too..
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am no longer the 19 year old girl who so badly just wanted you to like her; at any cost..
I am the 23 year old woman who values my peace of  mind.

Because you dont understand that:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

All of the lights..strobe lights, night lights..

I just typed this article and deleted it accidentally. sigh. :(

I can't type it again.

It was funny, quirky and leaves you with a good feeling. Well it left me with a good feeling and I did free advertising for some night spots in Joburg namely ZAR and Hush- the former being famous for people eating sushi of each others naked bodies.. When I went, there was no sushi; just Doritos... in the packet.

I made fun of people in ridiculous outfits and girls who believe that when the sun sets, so does the cellulite and wobbly bits.

I dissed guys (5 grown men) celebrating over 1 bottle of Nuvo/ Patron/Jack D/Wild Goose.. And waving it around all night.. Passing it amongst themselves.. Taking pictures with it.. And singing 'I get money'.. Or 'look at me now'.. Raising the bottle up..
None of them get money and y'all aint worth looking at.

Haaa, I was going to write a new post about Ishmael, he is a South African artist, he is very talented and he spoke with me last night..

The most important thing I did say is and i'll repeat is that: All this would not be possible without money! L☺L
Moving to Joburg has led to me shed some friendships due to distance and lack of time. I've come to meet new, interesting characters and its with these people that I have been able to create memorable times and also experience this beautiful city. ♥
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The silly moments..

People say its the little moments, that make life.. I agree but the silly moments also make up the enjoyment!!

At work, after lunch (mind you this is Sandton- the poshest city in Southern Africa).. This what I was doing with my colleagues.. And I'm the youngest in my team, plus it wasn't my idea..

Bottom line- just enjoy it all- get your kicks where you can :)

Oh- we pressed our faces against the photocopy machine.

Try it!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

I am not in love, but I am open to persuasion...

This is the opening line of one of my favourite songs by Joanna Armtrading (she sang the original Weakness in me)..

Its an adequate description of my disposition these days.. I'm not in love- with another person but I am in love with something.. Feeling so light and airy at the idea of being in love with love- or recreating the feelings I did feel when I loved another person..

My question is, why do we have to wait for another person? Why do we wait, for another person to arouse the feelings and deep passions within us?

These days, I've been more open, passionate and vulnerable than I've been in a relationship. Why do wait for another person to reveal to you what your own love tastes like? When its a flavour you carry? Why wait for someone else to release you.. To yourself?

I've listened to Adele's new album, my old Westlife tracks, Micheal Buble, Etta James.. There is no relationship that I've been in where I decided to tune into me.. And discover the flavour of my fancy..
And like the ladies in Coloured Girls said at the end.. 'My love is too Magic' to have it thrown back in face', My love is too sensual to have thrown back in my face, my love is too aromatic to have thrown back in my face, my love is too satisfying to have thrown back in my face...

As a single person, I'm glad to be experiencing this now.. Its like eating something while blind folded-you just have to make out all the flavours relying on your palate. If your palate is not cleansed then you won't be able to identify and enjoy what its in your mouth.. What's meant to satisfy you.. The same applies here, if you don't know what you like or don't, what makes you pop you would find yourself accepting what is given to you.

Don't see being single as a curse- its an opportunity to cleanse yourself of the bad and discovering all the varieties of you.. Knowing what mixes with you and what extra's you don't need.

What I suggest you do is wear the outfit that makes you feel like the only girl in the world, put on the songs you are embarassed to let people hear you listen to and let your love flow through you..
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AnnaLikes: A dozen Rainbows please

AnnaLikes: A dozen Rainbows please: "If you're a regular visitor on my blog then you've probably realized my super-Likes for tangible rainbows, (see 'Marshmallow Fondants, Rainb..."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Something insightful

I got this from Paulo Coelho's blog:

Poor people are a like bonsai tree, a little tree.
You pick the seed of the tallest tree in the forest and take the best seed out of it, and plant it in a flower pot. You get a tiny little tree, we call it a bonsai.
Nothing wrong with the seed, you've got the best seed possible.
Nothing wrong with the tree, because you actually picked the tallest tree in the forest.
But actually it grows this far… why? Because we put them in the flower pot. The base.
We need to change the base"

How profound is that?

I've decided I will buy his book, The Alchemist for myself. I need to add value to my own life.

Currently reading 'Manual of the Warrior of Light'

What are you reading fam?
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The lights must go on round

This weekend I took a 14 hour long (one way) bus ride to witness a friends wedding! I mean an old friend; a good friend-Contrary to my parents beliefs! {Contra parents mores- I think I may have coined a new Latin term}
We were neighbours and I was the awkward, chubby girl with no males prospect or advances. He was popular, cool and friendly. But he befriended me, with my oversized bag, long skirt and floppy hat! He took me under his wing and introduced me to the world as I know it!. At that point my mother sent me to boarding school.. L☺L *cue slamming sound of prison doors*
My aunt recently confessed that they sent my to boarding school to get me away from this guy- I'm grateful for my boarding school experiences and lessons (mom's do know the best). Although I learnt a lot during the holidays too.I learnt about the other side of the church school walls!!
I learnt about cannabis- the high and the lows (no pun intended), alcohol and sex, from a real world point of view.  Basically drunkenness and manners don't co exist!! [Drake: I learnt Hennesy and enemies is one hell of a mixture]

Above all I learnt about what I want for my future. I decided I don't want to be with someone who jerks me around, decided I wanna make something of myself: Something out of this world  I made my mind up that I didn't want to be one of the girls that got 'slaughtered'' (long story).  I sit here thinking about all those days.. I'd go over to his place and watch TV when we didn't have DSTV (like cable), go and wait for the boy I had a crush on *RIP Drew*, or go and wait for the other boy I had a crush on *lips are sealed*.

It was a home away from home.

God bless them and their marriage..

In the picture attached find the groom and I..

This guys name is Gangster Boogie. * He lives up to every part of that *

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My pink paw

Totally random!! But this is my pink paw
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At last...

That's exactly what I feel like right now! At last *like Etta in the movie Cadillac Records' I am able to blog from my phone! I feel like I've seen that belt that ties an outfit together and now.. Sigh..#bliss.

Some other 'at lasts':

1.               I'm getting my tooth sorted out! I have serious dental problems! *side note- don't be so quick to pucker up with strangers, u have no idea what's behind the cherry chapstick*
I began the first step to my root canal, which although I am on medical aid, I am paying a cash fortune for!! This does not fall within the scope and ambit of 'basic dentistry' as far as Discovery Health is concerned! This means poor people have to walk around with pus in their gums* yes I said pus*, because the medical council doesn't a think root canal is a worthy of being a prescribed minimum benefit! A root canal is for the mouth what radiation therapy is for cancer! I'm going to write my article to the council and post it!
2.               At last; I went on an all-expenses paid trip! Well dad paid the expenses. Got to fly business class- but if it's a 45 minute flight, I don't see the point! Chilling in the lounge was the best part for me. Free and somewhat good appetisers, better than the 'food' on the flight. I am going to fly business class just to chill in the lounge- unlimited internet access, its quiet and everybody in there knows how to behave! I liked it.
3.               At last; I actually enjoyed law school! I criminal law. I just don't think I'd have the stomach to practice it- unless it was just a principle matter for me. If I thought of the merits of the case- I may never sleep again. In the meantime I'm going to sit in the front row, ask questions and live vicariously through our lecturer's experience.

4.               At last; well it hasn't happened yet. I must learn – "must" must not be overused!

I think is enough for tonight!

Oh yes~ 1 more huge 1:

I woke up to work out. Say it with me 'At last'

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No shocks

Be worried if the car you drive you drive has no shocks!!! Especially with the rain we getting these days and the pot holes or craters its causing....unless you have a bum like Kim Kad-ass who probably wont feel the impact!!!

Anyway- be glad because the God you serve is never shocked. Nothing surprises Him (He knew at creation I would talk about Kim Kad-ass in the same sentence as Him-so chill.

Like please grasp this: NOTHING surprises/ shocks/ baffles Him!! I think that's beyond amazing!! Whether good or bad- He knows! I know we (I) would like an advance on this info, especially the bad news bit!! Kinda like so you can clench your butt cheeks before you hit a big pothole! (That's too real- sorry!)

He knows about the dumb stuff you have up your sleeve, ready to spring your stupidity (your own plan) on the world!! Every body else will be shocked but He wont.. and He'll  even have a bail out plan..

Really my true secret to contentment is knowing i can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, because He knows everything so how dare I not depend on Him?????

All our insurers promise that they are ready for anything. They are anticipating an exception, but God sees beginning from end and Hes cradling you life and situations..

Sigh and wriggle your toes!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Welcome, Welcome

I have arrived!
Not only on this blog (yes; new year's resolution kept), but also where I imagined I'd be- without the 42" LED TV, or driver's license *to be discussed* or 8 kgs lighter- BUT here in the sense of I am alive in 2011. I am working my dream job (for now), in the place I always wanted to be- right in the thick of things- all things glittering and bought on credit : Sandton aka Sandtin.... Let's do this!

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